2-October_7 - Credibility and Persuasion Credibility •...

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COM 318 7-Oct-09 Social Proof When “everyone’s doing it,” we’re more likely to want to do it, too This is particularly true if your reference group includes high-status people or celebrities (form of role model) o Celebrity endorsements Product placement in entertainment television is effective for this reason Clip: Diamonds, Part 1, Ch. 4 o “Diamonds are rare” but they aren’t Using this Knowledge You can stop social proof and de-individuation by focusing on one person and identifying the type of help needed o Calling a single person out to help rather than asking in general Watch for people who use “fake” social proof. o Why don’t you want to do it? Everyone else is…. (but they aren’t) If you are uncertain, don’t assume the crowd is correct—find out more!
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Unformatted text preview: Credibility and Persuasion Credibility • Judgments made by receivers about the believability of the communicator • A receiver based variable o How credible would the following be in discussing a war on Iraq? Why? George W. Bush—yes, he made the decision to go to war Acquaintance at a party—no, it’s just their opinion Professor of international policy and political science—yes, they can give you background information you may not have known about before • Credibility is always in the mind of the receiver COM 318 7-Oct-09 o Appearance affects credibility • Credibility is the #1 factor in successful persuasion...
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2-October_7 - Credibility and Persuasion Credibility •...

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