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December_8 - o Separation or autonomy—independence making...

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COM 204 8-Dec-09 4 professors we’ve talked about o Felicia Roberts—conversation analysis o Robin Clair—ethnography o Mohan Dutta—cultured center ethics o Patrice Buzzanell—feminism Feminism Danica Patrick—female NASCAR driver o Anything she does questionable, it is talked about negatively because she is a girl and a threat to other drivers Tiger Woods o SNL makes fun of his situation with his wife If what happened with Woods happened to a female, it would not be made fun of in the way that it was because of gender Major goals of feminisms Gender—creation of awareness about the systematic trivialization of people’s concerns due to gendered behavior Praxis—advocacy for change—what can we do to make this a more equitable society? Themes Masculine o Competitive individualism o Cause-effect or linear thinking Things happen in order, well organized
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Unformatted text preview: o Separation or autonomy—independence, making your mark Lots of “I” kind of talk • Feminine COM 204 8-Dec-09 o Cooperative enactment Working together, seeking out other opinions o Alternatives o Inclusion of emotion (in their talk) Stories • Man Stories o Direct, linear, not much about relationship or emotion o Focus on actions outside the home • Woman Stories o Meandering, relational o Focus on family, context Style of talk • Masculine style o Fewer abstractions o Focus on doing, not feeling o Communication to accomplish something o Talk is secondary (to actually getting something done) o Establishes autonomy and independence • Feminine style o Communication to establish relationships o Communicate to establish support o More hedges, qualifiers o Talk is primary o Maintains conversation flow...
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December_8 - o Separation or autonomy—independence making...

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