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December_3 - • Sees all knowledge as political Postmodern...

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COM 204 3-Dec-09 Postmodernism—a discourse of vulnerability No standard practices for achieving “actual truth” o If it works for you, great. Not necessarily what I believe though. No separation of signifier and signified, just signs o Advertisements don’t mean anything, just noise and clutter. Tolerates multiple meanings o Again, no true answer. What you believe is fine with me. Sometimes goes to excess—relativism, self-indulgence Studies resistance (like critical theory) o One cause is not better than the other No objective scientific truths No “universal audience” o Audience is always localized in time and space Rejects consensus as a value or a worthy goal
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Unformatted text preview: • Sees all knowledge as political Postmodern Traits • Superficial • Celebrates fragmentation, difference • No grand narratives to explain how society or science work o Grand narratives refers to stories or texts from the olden days that explains how things are—mythology stories • Sees reason, science, and progress as modernist myths • Doesn’t think you can explain what something really means Video is postmodernism’s most distinctive new medium Outlaw discourse • Not following rules and guidelines COM 204 3-Dec-09 • Postmodernism says good for them...
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