November_5 - members do o No judgments no adverse reactions...

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COM 204 5-Nov-09 Key terms/distinctions Narrative—method of gaining information by listening to stories and making a claim about the story/how it was told Ethnography—to understand and then write a culture (may use narratives for this) Reactivity—when you study someone and they know you are, they change their behavior Ethnomethodology—the study of everyday rules, rituals, and norms. Does not try to figure out whole culture, just the things that make up culture. A culture-centered approach to ethnography A postcolonial approach based on the research of Dr. Mohan Dutta (Purdue professor) Has more humility than regular ethnography Key aspects of culture-centered approach to ethnography Immerse yourself in a culture; be open to experiencing the culture as its
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Unformatted text preview: members do. o No judgments, no adverse reactions • Recognize that a culture knows best what and where its problems are • Involve cultural participants o Ask people what they are doing, their thoughts/concerns o Solve problems by generating mutually meaningful solutions Doing culture-centered ethnography • Carry it out in a natural setting o Goal for all research but MUST be done with this • Engage in face-to-face interaction with members of the culture o They are the experts and know what’s going on • Present accurate descriptions of participants’ perspectives and behavior • Use multiple data sources COM 204 5-Nov-09 • Frame behavior and belief within social, political, and economic contexts....
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November_5 - members do o No judgments no adverse reactions...

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