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"September 8 - All about the money Sponsorships...

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COM 204 8-Sep-09 Introduction to Media Criticism Where does news come from? Who decides what you see/hear/read? What are the functions of fact and opinion Two classic studies: 1. Warren Breed, 1955 o “Social Control in the Newsroom” News is produced by reporters Reporters are directed/influenced by Editors Newspaper policy Other reporters Reporters learn “by osmosis” They read how other reporters write and start writing similar They are steered by o Editor preferences o The desire to see their stories be “news” o And the desire to succeed Bagdikian “Sacred cows” o Certain people get preferential treatment Weakens power of media because the story we received from the “sacred cow” may not be good news. o
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Unformatted text preview: All about the money Sponsorships, advertisers • Their stories make the news simply because they give money to local companies 2. David Manning White, 1950 The “Gate Keeper” study • There are a series of “gate keepers” • Each has the power to define what is or is not news • If the gate keeper rejects a story, “the work of all those who preceded him in reporting and transmitting the story is negated” • Decisions are o Highly subjective o Basone on experiences, attitudes, expectations of gate keeper • Event o Media has option to cover o Editor decides yes/no COM 204 8-Sep-09 o Reporter assigned, writes story o Editor reviews story o Story chosen, or not, as news...
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"September 8 - All about the money Sponsorships...

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