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Com 204 3-Sep-09 Good critical questions What does he mean by “the promised land?” What is the mountaintop? o Both are based on definitions Not critical questions Was King so moved by his own speech that he had to sit afterwards? o Not really about the text itself Who is his audience? o Factual—you could find out the answer to this Fixable questions What component of his charisma or persona do the individuals in the crowd identify with? o BETTER—how does King try to identify with his audience? Would his speech still have been effective without his loud voice and
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Unformatted text preview: strong, believing tone? o BETTER—how did King’s loud voice, confident tone, and musical cadence contribute to the speech’s power? For each text, write a critical claim. You probably will think about a question that the claim answers, but you don’t need to write the question; just make an assertion about the text Example--King’s use of “the promised land” assumed that his audience shared his vision of what that would be....
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