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"September 1 - o Answer you come up with just to...

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Com 204 1-Sep-09 What is a text? Communication artifact we can study Important for criticism o “Text” is often defined by criticism (particularly in unconventional cases) o The fundamental task of criticism is understanding how texts work o Text may affect how you perceive an image Basic approaches to “reading a text” Skim Consider author (nationality, prestige of author, what their initiative is) Consider context (dates and time, events, location) Discern purpose Evaluate o Credibility Answer to a critical question is a fact, no question about it o Quality o Thoroughness Creating critical questions Logos/pathos o Logic, appeals/emotions Tone o Reaction to picture/text Basic Issue o Make sure you know the core idea being discussed Rationalization o Self-serving, but not very good reason
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Unformatted text preview: o Answer you come up with just to have an answer—usually not valid • Definitions • Assumptions (unexamined beliefs) • Quality and representativeness of examples • Reliability of evidence • Multiple perspectives • Consequences (of accepting text, going along with what someone else says) • Soundness o Truth o Validity All Purdue professors are women. Josh Boyd is a Purdue professor Therefore Josh Boyd is a woman. Com 204 1-Sep-09 • Argument is NOT sound. It is valid, but false. Needs to be both As we look at a variety of texts, write one critical question for each one; at the end of Thursday’s class, you will choose your 2 best questions to turn in as a daily assignment...
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"September 1 - o Answer you come up with just to...

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