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"September 1 - o Answer you come up with just to...

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Com 204 1-Sep-09 What is a text? Communication artifact we can study Important for criticism o “Text” is often defined by criticism (particularly in unconventional cases) o The fundamental task of criticism is understanding how texts work o Text may affect how you perceive an image Basic approaches to “reading a text” Skim Consider author (nationality, prestige of author, what their initiative is) Consider context (dates and time, events, location) Discern purpose Evaluate o Credibility Answer to a critical question is a fact, no question about it o Quality o Thoroughness Creating critical questions Logos/pathos o Logic, appeals/emotions Tone o Reaction to picture/text Basic Issue o Make sure you know the core idea being discussed Rationalization o Self-serving, but not very good reason
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Unformatted text preview: o Answer you come up with just to have an answerusually not valid Definitions Assumptions (unexamined beliefs) Quality and representativeness of examples Reliability of evidence Multiple perspectives Consequences (of accepting text, going along with what someone else says) Soundness o Truth o Validity All Purdue professors are women. Josh Boyd is a Purdue professor Therefore Josh Boyd is a woman. Com 204 1-Sep-09 Argument is NOT sound. It is valid, but false. Needs to be both As we look at a variety of texts, write one critical question for each one; at the end of Thursdays class, you will choose your 2 best questions to turn in as a daily assignment...
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"September 1 - o Answer you come up with just to...

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