"August 27 - 27-Aug-09 Critical/criticism •...

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Unformatted text preview: 27-Aug-09 Critical/criticism • Close examination of a text that results in a stand o Criticism isn’t necessarily negative (movie critics) • Doesn’t always mean what you think it means Critical questions (answers aren’t obvious) o Unlimited options • What are explicit and implicit assumptions in this argument? Are they reasonable? • How reliable is the source of this argument? • What is the purpose of this argument? o Consequences of its acceptance? • Why is this argument being made—what context or motives might have prompted it? o Are they getting paid? Three components of critical thinking • Imagination • Analysis • Evaluation Argument • Course of reasoning • Perspective and support for it, you’re case • The statement you are making and the supports for it Text • Speech, essay, novel, movie, song, TV show, advertisement in print or broadcast media, building, photograph, dialogue, stadium, sport, event, … • Communication artifact that you can study Thesis • Condensed statement of your argument o Figures predominately in everything written Rhetoric • The strategic use of symbols o Often times used with persuasion Qualitative research • Goal is to Yield understanding o Predict certain outcomes/what would happen • Focuses on rich understanding 27-Aug-09 ...
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"August 27 - 27-Aug-09 Critical/criticism •...

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