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October_22 - interaction • Facilitator questions and...

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COM 204 22-Oct-09 Bring to class Friday 2 copies of Your speech you are using for the paper Your thesis statement 1 APA citation you plan to use for the paper Paper due November 5 In thesis statement it would be in your best interest to use a theory/vocabulary term Exam average was a 69% (2.4 points) _______________________________________________________________________ __________________________ Focus Groups Provides more information than you would get talking to each person individually Structured interview of 6-10 people at once o Too many people may cause some not to speak up Typically 30-90 minutes long o Enough time for “synergy” to happen, but not too long to make people not want to do focus groups again Goal is not just to get individual views, but to benefit from the group’s
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Unformatted text preview: interaction • Facilitator questions and interaction guide the discussion o Questions get the discussion going, but then go with where the discussion takes you o “…the synergistic effect generated by focus groups can be far more revealing than the sum of individual interviews” (Hartman, 2004, p.403). • Used primarily by marketing firms before being used by scholars Execution for Focus Groups • Focus/topic • Participants • Structured interview questions COM 204 22-Oct-09 • Moderator role o Can’t influence discussion/opinions • Logistics o Need to have the right payment…not too much money to influence answers, but enough to make them want to do the focus group...
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