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Com 204 Lecture 11-17-08 Ideology : a term that examines sets of ideas Ideological Criticism : examines how these sets of ideas misrepresent the world Basic Marxist Criticism The base (economic relations in society) Shapes the superstructure (cultural institutions) which Shapes the consciousness of individuals Hegemony : ideological domination that is ubiquitous but invisible, rendering opposition almost impossible *the way a dominant class maintains its position without force through widely accepted ideas (consent)* The Media Monopoly (Ben Bagdikian) Number of companies controlling the media industry:
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Unformatted text preview: 1983 - 50 1990 - 29 Today 5: 1. Time Warner 2. Disney 3. Viacom 4. News Corp. 5. Bertelsmann Highlights 1. Base shapes superstructure shapes consciousness 2. Different classes in bourgeois societies: a. Ruling b. Middle c. Working 3. Bourgeoisie promotes its dominance through false consciousness a. Success is not predetermined b. Success is a result of willpower c. If you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself 4. Bourgeois societies generate alienation, which is soothed by consumption (upgrade)...
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