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10-22-08 - them(traders Second Wave of Ethnography •...

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Com 204 Lecture 10-22-08 Ethnography The study of culture Means: the writing of culture Ethno: ethnic/culture Graphy: study/write Characteristics of Ethnography Researcher immersed in the culture Researcher might actually live in the culture, might observe it, or might do archival research Examples of Subjects Prison inmates or guards (more restriction these days for this “captive audience”) Sorority rush NCAA Business managers in Thailand Community theatre Working class men in a Chicago suburb Culture includes: Shared practices/rituals Shared meanings/narratives/stories First Wave of Ethnography Herodotus: The “Father of Ethnography” & author of History Wouldn’t call themselves ethnographers (termed that in later studies) Greeks studying cultures that came to
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Unformatted text preview: them (traders) Second Wave of Ethnography • 1400’s-early 1800’s • New World colonization • Exploitation of Africa • Studied people they “found” (explored) Third Wave of Ethnography • Solidification of colonies • WWI-WWII • The Imperialist Period • Challenged by those like W.E.B. DuBois Fourth Wave of Ethnography • Effects of WWII • Studies of the enemy • Studies of organizations • Studies of urban poor • Idea : Ethnography can happen HERE, not just in exotic locales Fifth Wave of Ethnography • Corporate colonization • Corporate effects on developing countries Communication & Ethnography Today : • The Linguistic Turn • Narrative Approaches (short stories) • Alternative Voices • Alternative Approaches Terms : • Narrative • Ethnography • Reactivity • Ethnomethodology (not the same as ethnography) –studying the everyday, usually unwritten, rules of daily life (break & judge response)...
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10-22-08 - them(traders Second Wave of Ethnography •...

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