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Com 204 Lecture 9-17-08 4 Top Qualities Employers Look For : 1. 2. Work Well in a Team 3. 4. Basic 5-Paragraph Essay I. Introduction a. General to Specific b. End with Thesis Statement II. Support 1 III. Support 2 IV. Support 3 V. Conclusion a. Restate Thesis  b. End with Broader Application Building an Argument 1. Decide what you have to say. a. What is the topic? b. What is the subject of your critique? c. What gives you the standing to say anything about this? d. Why is it so important? e. What is your thesis (roughly)? *can go back and change later 2. Consider your audience. a. Who are your readers/listeners? b. What do they know? c. What do they believe?
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d. What background information do they need to understand your argument? 3.
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1-9-17-08 - Com204 Lecture 91708...

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