1-9-10-08 - b Purdue(Cordova story buried 2 Big Advertisers...

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Com 204 Lecture 9-10-08 Media Criticism Media Content Where does news  come from? Who decides what you  see, hear, and read? What are the functions of fact and opinion? Two Classic Studies 1. Warren Breed, 1955 a. “Social Control in the Newsroom” i. News is produced by reporters ii. Reporters are directed/influence by: 1. Editors 2. Newspaper policy 3. Other reports iii. Reporters learn “by osmosis 1. They read how other reporters write 2. They are steered by: a. Editor preferences b. The desire to see their stories be “news” c. The desire to succeed b. Bagdikian: “Sacred Cows” (journalism professor @ Berkeley) i. Certain companies/entities are treated with “kid-gloves” because of their  status  ii. events 1. Major employers a. Lily (announcements)
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Unformatted text preview: b. Purdue (Cordova story buried) 2. Big Advertisers a. Bob Rohrman (fire; customer treatment) iii. What happens if these unwritten laws are broken? 1. Chiquita Expose a. Facts never denied, but retraction printed, money paid, reporters and editor fire, other editor relocated, investigative journalism divisions disbanded in many newspapers 2. David Manning White, 1980 a. “The Gate Keeper” study i. There are a series of “gate keepers” ii. Each has the power to define what is or isn’t news iii. If the gate keeper rejects a story, “the work of all those who preceded him in reporting and transmitting the story is negated” iv. Decisions are: 1. Highly subjective 2. Based on experiences, attitudes, & expectations of gate keeper...
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  • David Manning White, Gate Keeper, Criticism Media Content, ii. preferential coverage, investigative journalism divisions

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1-9-10-08 - b Purdue(Cordova story buried 2 Big Advertisers...

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