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1-9-03-08 - • Quality& Representativeness of...

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Com 204 Lecture 9-03-08 What is text? A communication artifact to study Why is text important? “Text” is often defined by criticism (particularly in unconventional cases) o The fundamental task of criticism is understanding how texts work (Ed Black) Basic Approaches to Reading a Text Skim Consider Author Consider Context Discern Purpose Evaluate o Credibility o Quality o Thoroughness Creating Critical Questions Logos/Pathos (reason/emotion) Tone (appropriate) Basic Issue Rationalizations (self-serving reason that is not good) Definitions Assumptions (unexamined beliefs)
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Unformatted text preview: • Quality & Representativeness of Examples (typical?) • Reliability of Evidence (tabloids) • Multiple Perspectives (political conventions) • Consequences (what if people accept this?) • Soundness: o Truth o Validity Sound? All Purdue students are intelligent. Taylor is a Purdue student. Therefore, Taylor will get an A in Com204. • Possibly TRUE, but INVALID=UNSOUND All Purdue professors are women. Josh Boyd is a Purdue professor. Josh Boyd is a woman. • VALID, but FALSE=UNSOUND...
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