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COM212_4.7.09 - Motives for Restricting Full...

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COM212 4.6.09 Self Disclosure and Deception Benefits and Risk of Self Disclosure Benefits Catharsis Self Clarification Validity Reciprocation Impression Formation Relationship Maintenance Meet Moral Obligation Social Influence Self Defense Increased Awareness Risks Rejection Negative Impressions Decrease in relational satisfaction Loss of Influence Loss of Control Hurt to Others Increased Awareness Guide Lines for Self Disclosure Is the other person important to you? Is the risk of disclosing reasonable? Is the self disclosure appropriate? Is the disclosure relevant? Alternatives Silence Lying Hinting Deception Prevalence 30% of our statements are fully honest 30% selfish, actual denials of resource or bid for interaction: beggar 30-40% deceptive for “good” – answering “does this make me look fat?”
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Unformatted text preview: Motives for Restricting Full Disclosure (Lying) Identity management Avoid conflict Guide interaction Expand/Reduce relationship Gain power (I’m busy right now) Deception Detection NO fool proof way Correlates but not unique to deception Speech errors, pitch increase, eye blinks Most reliable – paralinguistic signals No evidence for gaze, pupil dilation Physiologically is not that obvious Wiseman Megalab Truth Test (1995) Filmed interview with 40000 respondents Turned out by replies: Radio = 73% lye detection Newspaper = 64% TV = 51% Ethical Considerations Is the effect worth it? Is the deception in interests of the receiver? It is it the only way? Would the other person accept it?...
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COM212_4.7.09 - Motives for Restricting Full...

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