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COM212 3.31.09 Knapp’s Model Terminating Stage – can be short or very long, friendship before may predict friendship after Dialectical Perspectives on Relational Dynamics Dialectical tensions – conflicts arising when two opposing incompatible forces exist simultaneously Integration/Separation Dialectical Tension Integration | Separation Stability | Change Expression | Privacy Internal form Within the couple Connection, Autonomy One of the most significant factors affecting relationships Predictability, Novelty Openness, Closeness Talk, no talk External Form Relationship with other people Inclusion, Seclusion Extent to which couple wants to remains inside, or go
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Unformatted text preview: out into world Conventionality, Uniqueness External form, managing your outside appearance Revelation, Concealment How ready couple is to reveal themselves to public Romance | Friendship – where do we fit into the larger social group Strategies for Managing Dialectical Tensions Selection – choosing just one extreme Alternation – constantly changing between extremes Segmentation – having only certain topics with certain people Reframing – useful/bit of escape, giving reasons, justifying behavior Being Aware | Metacommunication Messages that refer to other messages Talking about your communication with someone...
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