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COM212 3.26.09 Relationships Development Model of Interpersonal Relationships Mark Knapp: 10 Step Model Initiation stage – making contact, can be very hard for shy people Experimenting – discovering shared interests, trial balloons, searching for common ground, finding common goals Intensifying stage – qualitative and quantitative, sharing feelings, tokens of affection, euphoric, testing Integration – more certain, becoming a social unit, obligations, straight requests Bonding – symbolic engagements, public gestures, sharing residence
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Unformatted text preview: Differentiating – increased individualism, creating space Theoretically on the down slope but really a part of maintenance Circumscribing – slowing communication, less quality, hints of dissatisfaction Stagnation – no enthusiasm Avoiding – distance created, superficial politeness, hostile, treating person as lesser, mentally dissociate Termination – can be quick or long In reality you slide around on the steps...
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