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COM212 3.26.09 Relationships Development Model of Interpersonal Relationships Mark Knapp: 10 Step Model Initiation stage – making contact, can be very hard for shy people Experimenting – discovering shared interests, trial balloons, searching for common ground, finding common goals Intensifying stage – qualitative and quantitative, sharing feelings, tokens of affection, euphoric, testing Integration – more certain, becoming a social unit, obligations, straight requests Bonding – symbolic engagements, public gestures, sharing residence
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Unformatted text preview: Differentiating increased individualism, creating space Theoretically on the down slope but really a part of maintenance Circumscribing slowing communication, less quality, hints of dissatisfaction Stagnation no enthusiasm Avoiding distance created, superficial politeness, hostile, treating person as lesser, mentally dissociate Termination can be quick or long In reality you slide around on the steps...
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