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COM212_2.19.09 - Exchange messages Influenced by different...

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COM212 2.19.09 The Global Village Marshall McLuhan Members of every nation are connected by communication technology Cultural and Intercultural Communication – 500 definitions Working definition – culture is material and subjective blueprint for action and thought Tells us what to expect daily Reduces confusion Learned – not instinct Values, beliefs, attitudes, artifacts, behaviors Subjective Aspects of Culture Values – enduring concepts of right and wrong Beliefs – the way you’ve structured reality, what you’ve been taught as truth science Attitudes – disposition to respond favorably or negatively Material Aspects of Culture Objects, artifacts, values, beliefs, attitudes, American – the Big Gulp Cup, The Monster Truck Behavior Aspects of Culture Practices How we order food at restaurant, Taking the bus, Being a student All beliefs are mirrored in culture Intercultural Communication
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Unformatted text preview: Exchange messages Influenced by different symbols and perceptions Look in your book for the 2x2 Matrix High/Low Context Edward Hall Low Context – language expressions, thoughts, feelings, and related ideas High Context – relies heavily on subtle, often non-verbal cues to maintain social harmony Individualism/Collectivism Individualism - Primarily responsible for self Collectivisms - Loyalties and obligations to the group, extended family, community, work, organizations Power Distance Degree to which members of a society accept an unequal distribution of power Uncertainly Avoidance The degree to which we feel threatened by ambiguous situations Achievement/Nurturing Achievement – high value on material success, focus on tasks “Masculine” Nurturing – support of relationships as an especially important goal “feminine”...
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