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COM212 2.3.09 Perception Process and IPC First Order Realities – snow, people walking, non controversial Second Order Realities – can disagree, IP difficulties can occur as everyone often has different views We align ourselves through perspective checking and empathy Synchronizing Our Perceptions 3 Step Process – Perception Checking Process 1. Description of the Behavior 2. Two possible interpretations 3. A request for clarification Use perception checking to clarify mind reading statement so you don’t get a reaction Someone runs out of the room… instead of assuming, snap judgment, they don’t want to talk to you 1. Were you late for something or did you need to catch someone before they left?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What’s going on? 3. Make sure you are giving them an opportunity to save face Empathy – 3 Dimensions 1. Perspective taking (cognitive) 2. Emotional Contagion (Affective) 3. Genuine Concern (ethical) Quiz Terms: Convergence - process of adapting one's speech style to match that of others with whom one wants to identify Perception Checking - three-part method for verifying the accuracy of interpretations, including a description of the sense data, two possible interpretations, and a request for confirmation of the interpretations. Punctuation - The process of determining the causal order of events....
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