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COM212_2.10.09 - Appearance – way you wear clothes how...

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COM212 2.10.09 Nonverbal Communication What does it mean? Gestures, face movement, eye contact, hands, body language, clothing 1. Non Vocal and Non Verbal – silence 2. Non Verbal and Vocal – Sigh, laughter, tone of voice ii. Verbal Communication using words, either speaking or writing, sign language is verbal because it represents words 3 General Domains 1. Manner – the way we act, movements 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Appearance – way you wear clothes, how you cover/adorn your body 3. Setting – artifacts, the cultural products surrounding us, cars, place we live, everything a part of our life Research Shows – 93% of the emotional message is from nonverbal communication Cultural Display Rules – indicate what is appropriate in a culture Japanese do not show emotions very often...
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