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COM212 2.17.09 Paralanguage From Video – cues in your voice present your gender, geographic background, and feelings Dynamic Clues – our emotions, hw we want to communicate You can communicate blindfolded, hearing voices is an easy way to identify persons age, gender, and geographic background Cannot tell intelligence or education from voice Veterinary Relationships – using speech with animals Pets are interpersonal communication parts when people meet others with pets Vocal Registers are used on pets like on a baby (baby talk) From the in class video – treating the bird as an object allows vet tech to critique without criticizing the
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Unformatted text preview: owner (Goffman) Soundless Communication The space between a question and the answer often is the answer Italians expect answers very quickly Japanese are very forgiving, can take space easily Americans are in the middle Nonverbal Codes People of all cultures convey messages by face and gesture Italian gestures are very specific (youtube Italian hand gestures explained) Personal Space Americans have huge personal space unlike China and Italy Global Village How has text based communication influenced nonverbal communication? Reading more into the words...
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