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COM325_final_review - COM325 5.3.09 Final Review Chapter 7...

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COM325 5.3.09 Final Review – Chapter 7, 8, 10 Chapter 7 Essential Applicant Skills Computers Attitudes Language Communication Global perspective Team player Problem solving EEO Laws Unintentional and intentional, doesn’t matter, still a violation Be Familiar with Laws 1. Make sure all questions are job related qualifications 2. Tests of job relatedness 3. If they are asked to everyone 4. Related to criteria established through tests of job relatedness 5. Make sure everyone is fair 6. Be cautious of innocent chit chat 7. What can they focus on for business BFOQs Focuses on Application Qualifications Do Self Analysis – were you on your game? How could you improve? Be able to identify and/or create a behavior based question Why recruiting interviews are highly structured…– getting same details with each applicant Popular pitfalls in recruting interviews The evaluative response EEO violations Resume form application questions Identify traditional and nontraditional questions Traditional- one on one
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  • Spring '09
  • Davies
  • Essential Applicant Skills, Evaluative Response Pitfalls, evaluative response EEO, nontraditional questions Traditional

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