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COM325_4.10.09 - Person’s background perceptions take...

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COM325 4.10.09 Preparing for Interview 5 Conditions = Remember! 1. Your proposal must create, address an urgent need 2. Your presentation must be consistent with values or your interviewee 3. Your proposal must be feasible, practical, workable, affordable 4. Your proposal’s advantages must outweigh its disadvantages 5. No better course of action should be available Will need visual aids! Cases in text show a problem and solution Know how you will deal with objections Your party, do research on what the industry needs
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Unformatted text preview: Person’s background, perceptions, take values, attitudes into consideration Don’t making sweeping judgment of what someone wants Think about how someone might responds to something Consider Distractions, location Timing – during dinner, not good, don’t be like a telemarketer Research your stuff, know everything you would need to if you really went into said profession Have statistics, articles, evidence – subjective and opinions… opinions should only be testimonials...
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