COM325_3.11.09 - Gain and Maintain positive appearance,...

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COM325 3.11.09 The Applicant Know Yourself You cannot sell yourself if you don’t know you Self Topics Accomplishments, Failures Values Interests Past Decisions Communicative/Personality/Intellectual/Strengths/Weeknesses DO Your Homework! Research everything about your prospective company Field of interest Organizations of interest Recruiters Positions of Interest Current Events Interview Processes – what’s expected of you Research! New Work Newspaper ads Website Organization Bulletins Career fairs Placement Agencies P. 224-227 Prepare your Resume Silent Salesman - The first impression they see of you Make it good Spend Time Revise, Redo, Rework, Review - often
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Unformatted text preview: Gain and Maintain positive appearance, make sure of no grammar errors Use Attention getting Stuff Subtle often works well slight paper color, weight, sheen Only if you really have enough quality words, use 2 pages Create and maintain two versions Electronically scan able (online) Traditional Use buzz words Search description words, gear to position you want Cover Letter Make recruiter want to read more Avoid canned letters, make new one for each company, Address to specific person 3-4 paragraphs Goal: Persuade recruiter of your qualification...
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This note was uploaded on 04/11/2011 for the course COMM 325 taught by Professor Davies during the Spring '09 term at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

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COM325_3.11.09 - Gain and Maintain positive appearance,...

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