COM325_3.9.09 - The evaluative response EEO violations...

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COM325 3.9.09 The Recruiting Interview Developing an Applicant Profile Conduct a thorough analysis to determine how able your interviewee is Application forms Resumes (silent sellers) Cover letters Letters of recommendation Tests Opening Interviews Establish rapport Orientation Questions from recruiter Position information appropriately and politely Opening Questions Flexible structure Highly Structured – getting same details with each applicant Conducting Interview Decide what type of approach you’d need Traditional one on one Nontraditional, panel, team, board Types of Questions (s/c 198-191) Avoiding Pitfalls
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Unformatted text preview: The evaluative response EEO violations Resume form application questions The Evaluative Response Pitfalls Giving an answer in the question Resume Application Errors Asking questions from the resume Closing the Interview Be Honest Explain specifically what applicant can expect Don’t add anything you are not sure about Evaluation of Interview Applicant evaluation: Two Parts Standardized Questions BFOQs Focuses on Application Qualifications Do Self Analysis – were you on your game? How could you improve? Preparing p.103 Be Aware, prepared on every possible level...
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COM325_3.9.09 - The evaluative response EEO violations...

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