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COM325 2.20.09 HANDLING DIFFICULT INTERVIEWS The Confused Interviewee – being slightly uncertain, not getting succinct answers Use calm persuasive attitude The Evasive Interviewee Try to laugh and continue with your questions. Maybe bring question around again later, repeat, rephrase The Emotional Interviewee Wait to let them regain composure, ask if they’re willing to continue, or if they need to reschedule interview The Talkative Interviewee Avoid open ended questions, can put you back, use a moving on strategy to keep flow
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Unformatted text preview: The Reticent Interviewee Try to determine if it’s a character flaw or if interviewee really is annoyed with something The Hostile Interviewee Again, try to understand if Hostility if from personality or from surroundings, if it’s real try to be honest and show them you understand their point of view; might have to try a new topic Dissimilarity Gender differences, don’t go into interview with any preconceived notions about status, gender, rank, upbringing, geographical influences, education...
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