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COM325 1.28.09 Interview Outline/Guide Gives you good idea of what you want to accomplish in interview Development – Creating the Interview Guide 1. What other areas might you want to focus on? Main topics. . 2. Subtopics – follow up questions 3. Subsubtopics Four Types of Interviews 1. Nonscheduled Interview – friendly questions 2. Moderately Scheduled – jobs, other slightly more formal exchanges 3. Highly scheduled – scientific process, very rigid Interview Outline 4. Highly Scheduled Standardized – surveys, the easiest to conduct Question Sequence – very important to have list of questions 1. Tunnel – series of similar questions, informal, simple interviews
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Funnel , beginning broad, narrowing questions down to specifics 3. Inverted funnel opposite of funnel, starting with specifics and ending with broad questions 4. Hour Glass Open questions to narrow questions back to broad at end 5. Diamond inverted hour glass, beginning broad, middle filled with general questions, ending on specifics 6. Quintimensional used to rate attitudes, Gallup Role format Always have questions for the Interviewer! Especially if you are going for a job, show interest...
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