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COM325 1.28.09 Interview Outline/Guide Gives you good idea of what you want to accomplish in interview Development – Creating the Interview Guide 1. What other areas might you want to focus on? Main topics. . 2. Subtopics – follow up questions 3. Subsubtopics Four Types of Interviews 1. Nonscheduled Interview – friendly questions 2. Moderately Scheduled – jobs, other slightly more formal exchanges 3. Highly scheduled – scientific process, very rigid Interview Outline 4. Highly Scheduled Standardized – surveys, the easiest to conduct Question Sequence – very important to have list of questions 1. Tunnel – series of similar questions, informal, simple interviews
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Funnel , beginning broad, narrowing questions down to specifics 3. Inverted funnel – opposite of funnel, starting with specifics and ending with broad questions 4. Hour Glass – Open questions to narrow questions back to broad at end 5. Diamond – inverted hour glass, beginning broad, middle filled with general questions, ending on specifics 6. Quintimensional – used to rate attitudes, Gallup Role format Always have questions for the Interviewer! Especially if you are going for a job, show interest...
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