COM325_1.26.09 - overestimate Ask a Question Use...

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COM325 1.26.09 Common Question Pitfalls 1. 2. Bipolar Trap 3. Open/Closed Switch 4. Double Barreled Inquisition 5. Leading Push 6. Guessing Game 7. Yes/No Response 8. Curious Probe 9. Quiz Show 10. Complexity vs. Simplicity 11. Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell Tips on Avoiding - Structure questions for free, accurate, honest, insightful, thorough answers - Know what you want to get from interviewer - Chose your questions Opening An Interview Primary Function is to motivate and create rapport Establish Relationship Orient the other party to interview – explaining your process, length, nature, how info will be used Inadequate opening can mislead party, make problems during interview Opening Techniques State purpose Summarize problem Explain Yourself Offer Incentive Request Advice Refer to known person, organization Request specific time, better to
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Unformatted text preview: overestimate Ask a Question Use combination of above Nonverbal Communication in Openings How effective you are depends on how you look; be mindful of appearance and territoriality Closing Interview 3 Primary Functions Signals the end of the interview but not relationship May stress supportiveness to enhance relationship and bring the interview to positive close May summarize the interview Rules for Closing Needs to be a dialogue, encourage interviewee to take part Be sincere, honest, make no promises you cannot keep Don’t rush Techniques Offer to answer Clearing House Declare completion of purpose Make personal inquires Signal time is up Explain reason for ending Express appreciation Arrange next meeting Remember – your role – plan closing just like opening...
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COM325_1.26.09 - overestimate Ask a Question Use...

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