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COM325 1.30.09 Interviews – first project 5 minutes, need to gain information but will be mainly graded on the presentation and personal style of interviewer Skills Building Interview, 100 pts For Interviewee – answer bipolar questions as they are asked, don’t add more then you should Interviewer – develop y our whole plan and what you will ask Interviewee – know the details, would be helpful to know whole story COM323 2.13.09 Survey Interviews Always chose purpose first 1. Explore a topic 2. Describe situation/event 3. Explore a phenomenon Cross Sectional Survey – if you want idea of opinions Longitudinal Survey – would take too long The larger population – smaller survey size needed then with a smaller population
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Unformatted text preview: COM325 2.16.09 Phrasing – having consistency so your questions are as similar as possible Don’t make questions too simple/complex Record – use ways to make answers easily accessible Strategies Filter – determines interviewees knowledge Shuffle – reduces order bias, depending on order your questions are asked, often a bias can result, shuffle your questions around with rephrasing them to get slightly different, more structured answers Survey Questions are on Exam!! p.153ish Field Project Assignment Can use to interview anyone p.247...
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