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COM325 2.18.09 About the Probing Interview Determine the purpose Get relevant and timely information as accurately and completely as possible Research the topic If you find/can find information online, do not ask those questions Structuring the Interview Develop your interview guide, plan your opening, develop your schedule of questions Plan your closing – do NOT go overtime unless you make sure interviewee is ok Selecting Interviewees and Interviewers Basics What they know Availability Willingness Ability Similarity / Differences in status P.112 good information on status differences
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Unformatted text preview: Conduction the Interview Golden Rule Watch your attitude and nonverbal response Ask many questions but be strategic Use probes (p.115) Know the question pitfalls Be aware of your questions but think before you ask away Note Taking and Recording Weigh the +/- of taking before interview Will it distract? Next Assignment: p.47 in exercises booklet Informational Interview Assignment Finding out about your interviewee’s career 1. Past/future experience 2. Goals 3. Employment history Upload .doc by 2|21 @ 5pm – your moderately scheduled interview guide...
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