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In his article "Why Is Bollywood Obsessed with Producing "Crossover Films"?" Rajal Pitroda, a Chicago-based writer and knowledgeable critic of the Indian entertainment industry, uses rhetoric convince readers that the Indian entertainment industry must first develope itself before trying to create cross-over films for Hollywood and it's American audiences. In his article, Pitroda uses both ethos and logos. He appeals to the reader's sense of logic and implies that he knows what he is talking about being a knowlegeable writer of the Indian entertainment industry and a person of the Indian culture. Pitroda's main purpose is to get accross that he believes that the Indian entertainment industry must first better itself and develop a wider content array to avoid the stale content they currently use. He says that ". ..we must first cultivate Bollywood at home. .." saying that he believes that betterment of the industry must first start in India and work its way out from there. His intended audience seems to be the
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