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Newton 1 Alisha Newton Ms. Wilson English 10600 1/27/09 How the Outsourcing of American Jobs Is Affecting the Indian Culture As the world becomes more and more connected, different cultures are becoming more and more intermingled. With the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook, people on one continent are able to talk to other people on a different continent halfway across the world. The fact of the world becoming more and more interconnected is commonly known as globalization. Many people have their opposing views as to whether globalization is a good thing or not but it is widely accepted that American culture is affecting European and other cultures and these other cultures are affecting America. One such country that has been greatly affected by American ways because of globalization is India. The outsourcing of American jobs is changing and morphing the Indian culture and their everyday way of living. When Globalization goes to or finally reaches a country, parts of the other countries which were previously globalized go with it. One prime example of this is “Americanization” (Friedman 9). Americanization is what is currently affecting India and its rich culture. When globalization hit India, so did Big Macs, iMacs, and Mickey Mouse (Friedman 9). As these American jobs move overseas, so does part of our culture. Outsourcing of jobs is bad for us, but good and bad for them.
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English_Paper_Globalization_and_India - Newton 1 Alisha...

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