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K. Wilson ENGL 106/108 GRADING RUBRIC The following are the general criteria used to grade your written essays. Your paper will align with several, if not all, of the criteria listed under the corresponding grade. “D” WRITING WILL : ± Be marked by an implausible, unclear, incomplete, or inconsistent argument or analysis. The paper lacks the cogency and purpose necessary for competent college-level writing; the paper fails to exhibit careful thinking. ± Provide inadequate, unconvincing, irrelevant, or derivative support. The paper accumulates (often paragraph by paragraph) derivative and/or anecdotal examples without integrating them into a focused argument/analysis. ± Display flaws in organization, paragraph development, or logical transition. The paper lacks structural fluency; organizational flaws cause a lack of overall coherence, undermining the paper’s purpose. The reader is too often puzzled by the course the paper takes, or the paper relies too exclusively on formulaic organization, thereby becoming stilted and predictable. ± Fail to address the issues set forth in the assignment seriously or thoughtfully. The paper treats the issues simplistically; the argument/analysis generally overlooks the complexity of the issues raised. The author doesn’t care enough about the subject or the reader’s expectations, and may fail to respond to all aspects of the writing task. ± Demonstrate an inappropriate style or tone. The style and tone detract from the purpose and are inappropriate in terms of the academic discourse community. ± Contain significant flaws in syntax, grammar, usage, or spelling.
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This note was uploaded on 04/12/2011 for the course ENG 106 taught by Professor Steve during the Winter '10 term at Purdue.

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Eng_106_Grading_scale - K Wilson ENGL 106/108 GRADING...

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