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The United States in 1877 The United States in 1877 I Lecture Outline I Lecture Outline 1. Why does this course begin in 1877? 2. What was happening in the United States in 1877? What events explain the significance of that one year? 0. Compromise of 1877 : ended Reconstruction and provided closure for the American Civil War. 1. Railroad Industry and Empire: opened new era of Big Business and corporate consolidation. * Munn v. Illinois (1877) * Railroad Strike of 1877 II Compromise of 1877 II Compromise of 1877 1. The Civil War (1861-1865) and its significance: was it a turning point in American history? 2. Reconstruction (1865-1877): Federal programs to rebuild the southern states so they could rejoin the Union. 3. Compromise of 1877 settled the disputed presidential election of November 1876. It also effectively ended the Civil War and Reconstruction. Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party won something by the compromise. But who were the losers? III Railroad Industry and Empire
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