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PROGRESSIVISM: NEW NATIONALISM and NEW FREEDOM PROGRESSIVISM: NEW NATIONALISM and NEW FREEDOM LECTURE OUTLINE LECTURE OUTLINE a) Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson reflected the sometimes conflicting but often overlapping goals and purposes of the progressive movement. b) The two men had different views on the shape and direction of economic reform. c) But both men demonstrated progressivism’s contradictory core: they relied on executive authority to revive democracy and to challenge the concentration of power in other hands. THEODORE ROOSEVELT THEODORE ROOSEVELT 1. Roosevelt exercised more executive leadership than his predecessors. - His philosophy and political program weren’t as evident as one might think. - He had a flamboyant element in him (great outdoorsman and conquered all physical ailments. - A big advocate of U.S. expansion. - Earned the title, “the first modern president”. - Saw himself as the representative of the people. - He wanted to build a strong government that would lead the nation with confidence. - Wanted more action in the Executive Branch. - 2. He regarded the Presidency as a “bully pulpit”. - Archaic Term – super/wonderful/excellent/superb… 3. T.R. was regarded as a trust buster. But he did not believe all trusts should be broken up. T.R. made a distinction between good trusts (like U. S. Steel) and bad trusts (like Standard Oil). - Major victories against standard oil (John D. Rockefeller), tobacco companies, and he used the Sherman Act against the Sherman Securities Company (rail road) - Roosevelt didn’t think that all trusts should be busted. -
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Progressive_Presidents-1 - PROGRESSIVISM: NEW NATIONALISM...

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