COM325_4.15.09 - 7 Types of Arguments 1 Argue from...

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COM325 4.15.09 The Persuasive Interview p.331 in book The Persuadee Persuasion in the Interview Must be active, asking questions, honest, fair, skeptical, thoughtful and deliberate, open minded Be informed, know tricks of the trade, Silence is not enough Must be aware of points and how they could or will not fit into your life Be mindful Of Jargon, euphemisms, appealing to people, ad populum, simplifying the complex Strategies – dodging the issue, ad hominem, tu quoque, transferring guilt Examine: Trustworthy Authoritative Recent trends Documented Sufficiency Communicated Accurately Sufficient quality Opening Alert, active, Figure out what is the catch Creating Need/Desire Establish criteria; use open/plain English Closing Take your time Don’t hesitate Developing Main Points,
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Unformatted text preview: 7 Types of Arguments 1. Argue from Proposition 2. Argue from Condition 3. Argue from two choices 4. Argue from example 5. Argue from cause effect 6. Argue from facts 7. Argue from analogy From Belief, Assumption, Proposition 3 explicitly stated, implied assertions leading to assumption, conclusion From Condition Based on something that will happen From two choices Basically giving the client only two ways and concluding that yours is best From Example Leading from story, facts to point From Cause Effect Because of this you should do this, establishes effects as proof From facts Explaining by body of stats, numbers, strategies From Analogy Occurs when two things have good characteristics in common, conclude based on similarities...
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COM325_4.15.09 - 7 Types of Arguments 1 Argue from...

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