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Study Guide for Mid Term II: Fall 2010 RULES AND FORMAT 1. Date: march 30, 2011. Time: Class time. Venue: Class room. Max time allowed: 70 minutes. 2. Course Syllabus: Aggregate Planning; Material Requirement Planning (MRP). 3. Material allowed: Soft pencil, calculator, cheat sheet of A4 size (8.5” x 11”), written on both sides (or less). 4. Test Breakdown: Multiple Choice: 20 questions @1.5 each, AP problem (40 points), MRP Problem 30 points. DETAILS TOPICS FOR PREPARATION: A. AGGREGATE PLANNING Problem: You should be able to: 1. Develop AP worksheet for all three strategies as in Hefty Beer Case discussed and solved in class.: a. Level workforce; No overtime strategy b. Level workforce with overtime strategy c. Chase 2. To pick the best strategy based on the lowest cost Multiple Choice questions: 1. Read Power Points and class notes carefully. 2. Read the Aggregate Planning Insights (MS word file) carefully and understand the mini-problems solved therein. 3.
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