Midterm 1 - prepartion guidelines-mgt366-F2011 - Copy

Midterm 1 - prepartion guidelines-mgt366-F2011 - Copy -...

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Page 1 of 3 STUDY GUIDE: MID TERM I – FALL 2011 Note 1: Readings: In all modules listed below, you need to read all related Power Points and your class notes thoroughly to do well on multiple choice questions. Reading text will provide additional perspectives. In addition, to prepare for forecasting, use FC2 and the entire HW to verify your ability to answer/solve the problem/parts. Note 2: Exam Format: The exam will be weighted 30% for 20 multiple choice questions for 1.5 points each (Section A of Exam), and a problem, comprised of several parts, in forecasting for 70 points (Section B). There will be some bonus points added to each section. Max exam time will be 70 minutes. Note 3: Cheat Sheet: You are allowed to bring a cheat sheet of A4 size written on both sides. You can write whatever you wish but remember you are the only user of it. So, make is most useful and meaningful for best results. I do not collect the cheat sheets. I will not be able to provide any magnifying glasses, so please write legibly and in large enough font. Note 4: Policy on Questions: I will answer any and all questions related to the exam material prior to the beginning of the exam. However during the exam, only questions that involve clarifications of the text of the exam will be answered. Questions that seek to verify your work will be declined – so save the time and trouble. EXTRA OFFICE HOURS
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This note was uploaded on 04/11/2011 for the course FIN 322 taught by Professor Gillette during the Winter '07 term at Grand Valley State University.

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Midterm 1 - prepartion guidelines-mgt366-F2011 - Copy -...

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