Chapter 3 Key - Name: _ Chapter 3 Homework 1. Greenhouse...

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Name: _______________________ Chapter 3 Homework 1. Greenhouse Effect Sunlight strikes the earth’s atmosphere. About 30% is reflected back to space, about 25% is absorbed or scattered in the atmosphere. The rest strikes the surface of the earth and is absorbed by. The earth, warmer than surrounding space, re-emits this absorbed energy. As it does so, some is trapped by the atmosphere, and some makes it back out to space. Overall the earth maintains a fairly constant temperature because the atmosphere can hold in warmth for awhile, keeping it from radiating to space too quickly. The gases in the atmosphere responsible for the greenhouse effect are those that can absorb infrared radiation (heat), primarily CO 2 , H 2 O, CH 4 , etc. Global Warming Due to elevated levels of greenhouse gases, likely from man-made sources, more of the earth’s radiating energy is trapped, so the average steady temperature of the earth is going up. 2. a. Yes, the greenhouse effect is taking place now. As explained above, the greenhouse effect is a natural process by which the earth’s temperature is kept relatively constant. Without the greenhouse effect the average temperature of on earth would be 0°F. b.
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Chapter 3 Key - Name: _ Chapter 3 Homework 1. Greenhouse...

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