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Chapter 4 Homework - Name Chapter 4 Homework 1 Food labels...

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Name _________________________ Chapter 4 Homework 1. Food labels include the number of Calories in the food. What does this tell you, that is, what are Calories a measure of? 2. Recall that the food Calorie is equivalent to 1 kcal. If you eat a chocolate bar from the United States with 600 Calories, how does that compare to a Swiss chocolate bar that has 3000kJ. (Note 1kcal = 4.184kJ) 3. Explain how energy stored in fuel is transformed into electricity at a power plant. You should explain the steps involved and how the energy is transformed or transferred at each step. 4. Figure 4.5 shows the energy differences for the combustion of methane, an exothermic chemical reaction. The combination of nitrogen gas and oxygen gas to form nitrogen monoxide is an example of an endothermic reaction: 180kJ + N 2 + O 2 2NO Sketch an energy difference diagram for this reaction, analogous to Figure 4.5.
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Name _________________________ 5. Classify the following processes as endothermic or exothermic. a. Evaporating water ___________________ b. Burning fuel ___________________ c. Freezing water ___________________ d. photosynthesis ___________________ 6. Use the bond energies in Table 4.2 to calculate the energy changes
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