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Chapter 1 Physical properties/chemical properties and changes Classifying matter The periodic table Atoms and molecules Naming and chemical formulas Major components of air Units pph/ppm/ppb (other unit conversions) Balancing chemical reactions Combustion of hydrocarbons (complete/incomplete, balancing those chemical reactions) 6 major air pollutants Chapter 2 – Protecting the Ozone Layer Difference between ozone layer (protects from UV radiation) and ground-level ozone (pollutant) Allotropes and isotopes Composition of atoms (electrons/protons/neutrons) Information in isotope symbol Information in periodic table Electrons present in shells
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Unformatted text preview: Valence electrons/octet rule Bonding/Lewis structures Properties of light (speed, frequency, wavelength, energy) Radiation and matter (how it interacts depends on energy) Radiation from sun (UV-A, B, C) What is absorbed by oxygen or ozone Natural ozone formation and destruction Catalytic ozone destruction by chemicals Chapter 3 How greenhouse effect works Relationship between carbon dioxide and greenhouse effect Historical evidence Properties of CO 2 that cause it to absorb IR energy Other greenhouse gasses Carbon cycle sources and sinks Moles Molar mass/converting from grams to moles Kyoto conference...
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