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PROBLEM SET 1 Physics 2022 1. The average distance from the Earth to the Sun is 1.496 x 10 8 km. Express this distance (a) in light-years and (b) in parsecs. Use powers-of-ten notation. (c) Are light-years or parsecs useful units for describing distances of this size? Explain. 2. When the Voyager 2 spacecraft sent back pictures of Neptune during its flyby of the planet in 1989, the spacecraft’s radio signals traveled for 4 hours at the speed of light to reach Earth. How far away was the spacecraft? Give your answer in kilometers, using powers-of-ten notation. 3. The star Procyon is 3.50 pc from Earth. (a) What is the distance to Procyon in kilometers? Use powers-of-ten notation. (b) How long does it take for light emanating from Procyon to reach Earth? Give your answer in years. 4. The age of the universe is about 14 billion years. What is this age in seconds? Use powers- of-ten notation. 5.
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