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PROBLEM SET 8 Physics 2022 1. The distance to the Crab Nebula is about 2000 parsecs. It was observed as a supernova in AD 1054. In what year did the star actually explode? Explain your answer. 2. Emission lines in the spectrum of the Crab Nebula exhibit a Doppler shift, which indicates that gas in the nebula is moving toward us at 1450 km/s. Assume that the expanding gas has been moving at the same speed since the original supernova explosion, observed in AD 1054, and calculate what diameter (in light years) we should observe the nebula to have today. 3. A neutron has a mass of about 1.7 x 10 -27 kg and a radius of about 10 -15 m. (a) Compare the density of matter in a neutron with the average density of a neutron star. (b) If the neutron star’s density is more than that of a neutron, the neutrons within the star are overlapping; if it is less, the neutrons are not overlapping. Which of these seems to be the case? 4.
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