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Vandenbout Worksheet 5

Vandenbout Worksheet 5 - Worksheet 5 simple acid/base calcs...

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Unformatted text preview: Worksheet 5 simple acid/base calcs This is a large table of straight forward acid/base calculations that you should be able to do easily in your head without a calculator since I have made the numbers work out nicely. For all of these assume 25°C. Substance HA NaOH HA NaA HA KA B (BH)Cl HA Ba(OH)2 HA HA NaA B (BH)NO3 HA Concentration 0.1 M 10‐2 M 0.01 M 1 M 10‐4 M 0.1M 1 M 0.01M 10‐3M 0.5 M 10‐2 M 10‐2M 1M 10‐3 M 10‐1M 1M Ka Strong ‐‐‐ 10‐4 10‐4 10‐2 10‐3 strong strong 10‐6 10‐6 10‐4 Kb ‐‐‐ Strong 10‐10 10‐10 10‐4 10‐4 strong 10‐5 10‐3 [H+] 0.1M 10‐12 M 10‐3 M 10‐9 M [OH‐] 10‐13 M 10‐2 M 10‐11 M 10‐5 M pH 1 12 3 9 pOH 13 2 11 5 And now the same thing with a calculator and actual substances. I’ve added a row for you to identify the compound in shorthand notation (HA, A‐, B, BH+) Substance Acetic acid Nitric Acid KOH Sodium Benzoate Ammonia Ethyl Amine Formic acid Potassium formate HF CaF2 (NH4)Cl Nitrous acid K(CH3COO) HCl Short HA Concentration 0.1 M 4x10‐3M 2x10‐2M 0.3M 2x10‐3M 0.1M 0.1M 0.01M 10‐3M 0.5 M 10‐2 M 10‐2M 2x10‐2 M 10‐4 M Ka 1.8x10‐5 6.4x10‐5 Kb 5.55 x10‐10 1.8x10‐5 5.6x10‐4 1.8x10‐4 1.8x10‐4 6.3x10‐4 6.3x10‐4 4x10‐4 1.8x10‐5 1.8x10‐5 [H+] 1.3 x10‐3 [OH‐] 7.7x10‐12 pH 2.9 pOH 11.1 ...
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