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American History First Written Exercise

American History First Written Exercise - Khosravi 1 Parisa...

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Khosravi 1 Parisa Khosravi Professor Amy Bell HIST 1302 7 February 2011 “American History First Written Exercise” History is a collection of facts about the events happened in past. In other words, history is a causation of facts for human to decide what to do in present. According to Loewen, “History is furious debate informed by evidence and reason (Loewen).” History is about every nation’s past, and about how a society got to the point standing right now (Loewen). In each society vigorous or prostrate, there are lessons to be learned by studying the history. There are certain things that have to be avoided in history to keep it intact. Therefore, nationalism should not be permitted in history because everyone wants to know the truth of what happened in the past, but nationalism causes all the history to be censored to portray the writer’s ideas not the real truth of what has happened (Loewen). “History should be thinking about what causes what (Loewen).” Everyone needs to learn history as a self defense weapon. Loewen asserts if a group of people do not know their history they will be ignorant and selfless. Some groups may try to dictate what needs to be done according to their perception of what happened in past deliberately or inadvertently. Therefore, in order to win the debate in democracy, one has to know about the causation of what happened in the past (Loewen). According to Loewen, heroification has caused Columbus to become so great in American history. Heroification is a process that makes someone a hero with excluding the details to make normal person a hero. Loewen later claims, that all the twelve text books that
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Khosravi 2 exist are including Columbus to make his actions more humane. Most of these books have collected about 800 words including pictures of Columbus and his adventures. So, heroification has made Columbus so important that Americans before 1492 are called pre-Columbians. Yet most of the text books do not mention the discoverers such as: Japan, China, Afro-Phoenicia, and Siberia before Columbus (Loewen, 36). From these twelve textbooks only two of them mentioned the possibility of African or Phoenician discoverers (Loewen, 36). “Columbus's importance is therefore primarily attributable to changing conditions in Europe, not to his having reached a "new" continent (Loewen, 30).” Columbus adventure started with convincing Queen Isabella to travel to Asia to bring gold and spices (Loewen 48). In return Columbus was promised to receive 10 percent of profits, governorship on new-found lands, and the fame of: “Admiral of the Ocean Sea (Loewen, 48).” Columbus was lucky to arrive to America after 33
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American History First Written Exercise - Khosravi 1 Parisa...

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