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Self Good Good Good Bad Bad 09/01/2010 General Psychology 101 – SP # 201486 Exam Dates: Midterm: Monday November 1 (class time) Final: Monday December 13 (class time-last class) The exams test the lecture notes and the readings. Midterm = 1/3 of the grade Final = 2/3 of the grade Final exam is comprehensive. Class website: Put into google: LTYNCLS This will bring up the class website. On the class website, you will see 2 links: 1) Syllabus webisite: read the part about Tony Buzan’s schedule for review & also about the mind map requirements. 2) “Experiment requirement”: the Psych department requires you to read and follow the instructions Cognitive Therapy – changing what you visualize/believe -Napolean (poor) interviewed wealthy people and concluded that their thoughts/beliefs/attitudes got them to where they are. “Think and Grow Rich”- book. -Two Required Books 1. Tony Buzan : “Use Both Sides of Your Brain” *Mind Maps 2. Kagan and Segal: “Psychology: An Introduction” Only 8 th /9 th edition Purpose: 1. to teach the wonderful techniques to help study a. shows what psychologically proven techniques for increasing your capacity to take in information and learn 9/08/2010 Clinical and Developmental Psychology PYSCHOANALYSIS: 1. 2 Phases of Psychoanalysis (history) a. Freudian Theory b. Object-Relations Theory = Modern Psychanalysis i. Freud developed psychoanalysis by observing only adults (not children)
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ii. Object-Relations people did a massive study of children and greatly improved psychoanalysis 2. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) a. Major psychological illness of 19 th century – Women suffering from hysteria because they had no rights . b. Women had no rights: i. Not allowed to receive education, use libraries, etc. ii. Husbands had all the money. iii. Wife beating and abuse was considered honorable, necessary, etc. iv. The entire legal system was in favor of the man against the woman. 1960s finally brought about change. v. Girl raised as slave. vi. Passed on as slave when married. vii. No Escape. viii. Complete powerlessness from birth to death. 3. Hysteria –women’s disease a. In modern times hysteria is called: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. i. the long severe stress that follows trauma. ii. These women’s symptoms are exactly the same as those of soldiers returning from war. iii. No one in the 19 th century knew that trauma was the issue. 1. For example : Charcot (French neurologist, at large hospital/asylum in Paris) gave world famous lectures on effects of hypnotism on hysteria. a. Used hypnotic suggestion (instructions under hypnotism) to remove patient’s symptoms. b. Hypnotism doesn’t cure – its all about slavery – obeying orders b. Symptoms i. Heightened Excitability: anxiety attacks , etc. ii.
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psych notes - General Psychology 101 SP # 201486 Michael...

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