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Final Exam Material Why do we eat? What do we eat? Human Digestive System o Functions o General Structure o Organs What do we eat? (continued) Minerals o >100 mg/day o Ex: Na+, Cl-, K+, Ca++, P o Trace elements: o < 100 mg/day ex: Fe, Cu, I, F Iodine through seafood (table salt in our country) Human Digestive systems Functions o Ingestion – o Digestion – o Absorption – o Elimination – get rid of materials can not digest Dietary fiber, cellulose cannot metabolize it Urea, CO2 General Structure o One-way digestive system – complete digestive tract o Specialize – increases efficiency o Basic Layers (fig 45-5 p879) Visceral peritoneum (outside) – between internal organs and body wall; connective tissue which allows organs to suspend organs in body. Musculara – two layers inner layer is cicurlar band, outer longituidinal fibers Submucusa (below mucosa) – has capillaries, nerves, capillary bed o Peristalsis –undulation of digestive system, contracting of smooth muscle (like
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TRansue-Lecture6l - Final Exam Material Digestion &...

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