Transue-Lecture7 - Large Intenstine Exam Material

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Large Intenstine Exam Material I. Circulation/Blood a. Circulatory Sytems i. Anatomy/circuits ii. Human Circ. Sys iii. Control of heart beat iv. Lymph system b. Blood pressure II. Blood a. Plasma b. Cellular components III. Immunity Circulatory System Anatomy/Circuits (fig 24-8, p816) o Larger volume need system to move materials around o Closed circulatory system always in vessel (size will change) o Efficient at moving materials around body Cellular level diffusion still takes place o Gas exchange across capillaries (delicate and thin walled) Fluid cannot be under high pressure When blood gets to lungs most of blood pressure is gone o Birds/Mammals (fig 42-16 p 824) 2 circuits more efficient than 1 circuit which fish have Heart is 2 pumps side to side Amphibians have 3 chambered heart (atrium is not separated) o Human Circulatory system Fig 42-6a, p 814 Closed Exchange in material done at capillaries Veinules – small viens that coalesce into veins Artery – blood away; veins – blood to the heart o Blood Vessels – 3 layers (Fig 42-6b, p 814) “tunica” Intima – inner layer Simple squamous epithelia
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Transue-Lecture7 - Large Intenstine Exam Material

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