lecture 8 - Endocrine system Gene activation steroid...

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Endocrine system Gene activation – steroid hormones, other hormones as well, mechanism where hormone gets into the cell and complexes with receptor molecule and turns on certain genes o Previous inactivated genes become activities 2 nd Messneger – (cAMP) signal transduction – information is transferred across membrane without movement of molecules hormone receptor complex activates g protein o Activated g-protein activates adenylyl cyclase o Active protein kinases phosphorylation o Post translational mechanism works quickly System of hormones in invertebrates is closely linked to nervous system o Hormones are secreted by nerve cells (neurohormones) Organs that secrete hormones Hypothalamus – homeostasis, regulation of internal environment, Pituitary gland – Pineal gland – Thyroid gland – parathyroid gland is associated with it o Control levels of calcium in blood Thymus gland – part of immune system Adrenal – sit on top of kidneys Pancreas – exocrine organ, digestive Ovaries and testes – Hormone control Balance between antagonist hormones Hierarchical – begins with hypothalamus o Small, weighs about 5 grams o Hormones it produces act on pituitary gland master gland of the body – secretes so many different hormones that carry out so many different functions in the body o pituitary gland – 2 are separate come from different origins but are close so can be controlled by hypothallamus anterior – true glandular tissue
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lecture 8 - Endocrine system Gene activation steroid...

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