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Nutrition - Review macromolecule structures Chap 3...

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1 Nutrition (Chap. 45 pp. 886 to 891) Nutrients Water Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Vitamins & Minerals Review macromolecule structures: Chap. 3 Water 70% of human body Medium for chem. rxs. Vehicle for absorbtion Temp. regulation Water Found: in cells, interstitial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, blood, amniotic fluid Dehydration Energy Yield Lipids: 9 kcal (C) Proteins: 4 kcal (C) Carbs.: 4 kcal (C) Carbohydrates Dietary carbs. : Starches, sugars & dietary fiber Animals store glycogen Plants store starch Complex carbs. : Polysacch. Food: Rice, potatoes, corn & cereal grains Carbohydrates Simple carbohydrates: Di or Monosacch. Food: Fruits and milk (naturally present) Dietary fiber (cellulose, roughage): Food: Fruits, vegetables & whole grains Good Why ? Proper functioning of the colon
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2 Carbohydrates Function: Fuel for the body: 1g. Carb = 4 Kcal (C) Precursors for other molecules Not essential in the nutritional sense Why ?
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